Boerewors Express - the South African expat newsletter - September 2021 issue

Boerewors Express - the South African expat newsletter.  The September 2021 issue is packed with news and stories to enjoy: Contents: Coach Lance in Kabul Historic auction Homecoming A royal chef Team Canada's doctor Houston, meet Mozambik In the US Navy Farming in Paraguay Britney's success Unexpected proposal Debut novel Expat child battle Durban to Paris Learn with Trevor Noah Go live anywhere Secrets, Art & Expats Cape Town's star Van der Merwe family A chef in London SA tennis Going global Digital opsitkers What can I use? Bush Telegraph Did you know?


Boerewors Express was first published in May 1998 as an e-mail newsletter. In September 1999, it became a print publication available by paid subscription. It had subscribers from all over the world. In July 2004 it moved to an online blog until September 2013, after which it lay dormant. It's back as an online newsletter. You can read the July 2021 issue here: Contents: Family Jewels - The Queen and Friedman Jewellers French experience - a South African restaurant The famous recipe book Thembi's soccer moves Murder in Manchester Strawberries & boom Expat debut novel Special art in Leeds Rugby in the USA Deportation in NZ Dancing star Nostalgia and art Breaking records A Cape Town Dame Yes, it's my real name Living the US dream Hollywood calling Guinness record Car accident in US Did you know?


A South African was buried in a common grave at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA, and unbeknownst to his family for 30 years. Lieutenant Victor POTGIETER was born on 30 November 1914 and grew up in Carolina, South Africa, the son of Marthinus Philippus Gerhardus POTGIETER (1888 - 1965) and Susanna Catharina MINNIE (1892 - 1977). He had 3 siblings: Amalia POTGIETER (1916 - ). She married Folkers Johannes Petrus SWART. Benjamin (Ben) POTGIETER (1918 - 2012). Minnie POTGIETER (1930 - 2017). She married Gerhardus Jacobus LAUBSCHER (1925 - 1981) and Lucas Barry Hertzog LINDEQUE (1918 - 2009). Minnie was named as the sole beneficiary in Victor's Last Will and inherited £1159 from his estate. Victor graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand where he earned a B.Sc Civil Engineering degree, before volunteering for active service in 1940. He went missing in September 1944 on a secretive mission during World War II. He remained a mystery, until his family found out about hi


Emperor Norton I How many South African visitors to San Francisco know about that city's connection to South Africa? Very few! Norton the First was Emperor of the United States of America, from the day he proclaimed his ascension to the throne on 17 September 1859 to the day he collapsed and died on 08 January 1880. Joshua Abraham NORTON in London, England circa 1818, son of John NORTON (a farmer) and Sarah NORDEN, a Jewish family. The family immigrated to South Africa as part of the 1820 British Settlers, sailing on the La Belle Alliance as members of Willson's Party. The party boarded La Belle Alliance at Deptford. After more than a month's delay due to the ice-bound Thames, the ship sailed from the Downs on 12 February 1820, arriving in Table Bay on 02 May 1820, and finally in Algoa Bay on 26 May 1820. John NORTON born circa 1794 in Deptford, Kent, England. Died 20 August 1848 in London, England. Married in England in 1815 to Sarah NORDEN (born 1796 in East Smi


An elderly South African professor, Cyril Karabus of Claremont, Cape Town, was arrested on August 18 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport while in transit to South Africa. He was detained and faces charges of manslaughter. Emeritus Associate Professor Karabus (77) was returning home after attending his son’s wedding in Canada. He specialises in paediatrics and medical oncology, and is a former Professor of paediatrics at UCT and head of the oncology and haematology unit at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Twelve years ago he worked as a locum at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi and operated on a seven-year-old cancer patient who later died of leukaemia. He returned to South Africa two weeks after her death, at the end of his locum. In his absence he was tried and found guilty of manslaughter, even though no attempt was made to contact him and he was never given an opportunity to defend himself in court. He was sentenced to three years and six months in jail and requ


A 40-year-old South African bodyguard is supermodel Heidi Klum's love interest, after her seven-year marriage to Seal broke up earlier this year. Martin Kirsten is into fitness and used to train at a gym in Bryanston, Johannesburg. He has worked for the 39 year-old model and her estranged husband as a personal bodyguard for the last four years.


Warren Buffett, the world's most successful investor, has made his first investment in South Africa. The Richline Group, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, has bought the assets of South African Manufacturing Jewellers, which is in a business rescue programme. The company also trades as Alan Mair Manufacturing Jewellers. Richline specialises in precious metals, gemstones and design. It plans to revitalise the company and use it as a platform to export into Africa, Australia and the UK. Richline was forced to find its own electricity supply by buying a new substation and a bulk metering unit when Eskom refused to provide it with electricity. The local company employs 90 people and is said to be the biggest local jewellery manufacturer. It manufactures gold and silver jewellery, as well as bonded gold.